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Your family is your top priority, and protecting them is critical. Unfortunately, changes in relationships and other issues can put your family at risk. When this happens, you need

a lawyer you can trust to not only explain the situation to you, but stand by your side and provide

the representation and guidance that helps you protect your family and find the resolution

that is right for your situation.

Protect your family during challenging times

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• Custody

• Divorce

• Child Support

• Protective Order / Restraining


• Enforcement of Judgment

• Modification


Guard your family and

your future

When it comes to family law, often the first steps are the most challenging. You are dealing with a wide range of emotions and coping with painful stresses that make it difficult to understand what is going on or how you should move forward. Call us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss

your individual circumstances. You will receive friendly, compassionate support evaluating your situation, and honest recommendations for taking the first steps in moving forward with your life, including issues related to real estate and bankruptcy if those apply to your individual needs.

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