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Nearly everyone encounters legal needs at some point in their lives. These general legal needs

are important for managing personal and business needs, organizing finances, and planning

for the future. When you are ready to get your legal situation under control, get in touch with us. Friendly, personalized attention makes it easy for you to understand your circumstances and

make the right decisions for your individual needs.

Trust us to handle your general legal needs

Put your confidence in our

over 50 years of experience 

to provide reliable, personalized services for your general

legal needs.

• Wills / trusts / estates

• Social security / disability

• Business / cooperate law

• Contract disputes

• Power of Attorney

• And More!


Manage your legal

situation with confidence

No matter what type of legal needs you are facing, making the right decisions about how to move forward is critical to finding your optimum resolution. Don't let not knowing what decisions to make overwhelm you. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your general practice, family law, real estate, or other legal needs and get honest recommendations, along with an estimate of potential cost for your services.

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