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As an employee, you have the reasonable expectation of a safe and secure environment while working. If your employer failed to meet this obligation and dangerous circumstances in

your work place caused you to be injured and miss work, you may be eligible to receive

workers compensation. This compensation provides financial protection and support while

you are recovering and cannot work.

Were you injured at work?

You can put your trust in the over 50 years of experience behind our team to handle

your worker compensation situation with skill.

• Unemployment compensation

• Neck injuries

• Shoulder injuries

• Nerve disorders

• Repetitive motion injuries


Stand up for your workers' rights

If you have been injured while working, you are facing more than just the physical pain and

challenges that come along with the injury. You are also coping with the emotional stress,

financial difficulties of paying for medical bills, and challenge of not being able to work and bring

in an income. You should not face these difficulties on your own. Schedule a consultation so

we can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation.

Is your situation eligible for worker's compensation?

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